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Electroplankton Coming To US with a catch


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Importers have been debating the merits of Nintendo's Electroplankton art slash music 'game' released earlier this year in Japan. On one hand, it's not much of a game. You don't experience progress whatsoever. On the other, those who put in the time to immerse themselves in the game's possibilities as a musical device come away happier.


Either way, you'll have a chance to find out for yourself when Nintendo brings Electroplankton to the US early next year. On January 9, Nintendo will start offering the game through their website, at the Nintendo World Store in New York and online retailers. For whatever reason, the company has decided to hold back the marketing flood gates on this one.


Electroplankton was developed by artist Toshio Iwai, known for his array of music-related art over the years. Iwai is also responsible for developing SimTunes back in the 1990s. "Electroplankton represents just one of the many ways that Nintendo is developing new kinds of software to reach new audiences," said George Harrison, Nintendo of America's senior VP of marketing and corporate communications



This could be a new way for Nintendo to sell awesome but rather risky unique games to gamers in outside of Japan.

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That's a bad idea if you ask me. I don't like buying things online, and since I don't live in NYC I can't just goto the Nintendo World Store. I really want this game but there is a real low chance of finding a used one taht someone bought and then traded it in at the local EB or GameCrazy.

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