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SXT Firmware BFM for Developer Beta 1 - PSP 1.50

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Yoshihiro and SXT are proud to bring you The most advanced Firmware loader ever created for psp It's been tested to boot successfully:


firmware 1.0 debug unit (the bogus 1.0 update from sony), 1.0 retail, 1.5 retail and 1.52 retail. firmwares 2.0, 2.01 and 2.50 do not boot yet on this version.


This version is useful to devloppers and firmware hackers.


What's new compared to existing FW loaders :


- Totally coded from nothing by Yoshihiro from SXT.


(although the original idea of running a firmware from a memory stick comes from MPH)


- Unlike other loader that patches like 3 prx, BFM (the SXT version)

- patches them all !! It means unlike other fw loaders BFM does NOT load

- prx modules from the flash unit but only from the memory stick!


It also means less risks of freezing, and no chances of bricking your psp while playing with your tweak fw (or untweaked ones)


- prx modules are patched on the fly!

- Improved stability

- You can almost use every fw feature including music (mp3) playback and videos (including UMD videos) playback!

- You can have several fw at once on a single memory stick!

- Runs descrypted and encrypted firmwares!

- You are now sure of botting 100% of the fw files from the memory stick and not from your flash


(whitch means you would run modules from your own fw instead of running the ones located in your memory sticks, fw loaders such as the ones from MPH have that issue)


- No sources yet, we do not release sources with our beta versions.

»» Homepage/Download

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