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[12-Oct-05] Hatari 0.80


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An emulator of the Atari ST

Version 0.80 of the Atari ST emulator Hatari has been released:

- Hatari now supports STE hardware emulation:

STE palette, STE shifter (horizontal fine scrolling, split screen effects), DMA sound and STE joypads.

- Hatari can now emulate up to 14 MiB ST RAM instead of only 4 MiB.

- Support for parallel port joysticks.

- Improved GEMDOS HD emulation (added Fattrib() call).

- Adding and removing a GEMDOS or ACSI hard disk should now work correctly.

- Re-factoring of the screen conversion functions.

- Improved manual: Now with screenshots of the options dialogs.

>> Get it HERE


Credits: Thanks to Emulation64 for the heads-up.

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