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Xe - Multi System Emulator Updated


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(Windows + Linux) [no release number]

# [Xe] Xe For Windows.

# [Xe] Changed all module references to machine references.

# [Xe] Changed all Fix references to Custom references.

# [Xe] Fixed expand aspect calculation bug from overscan emulation.

# [PC Engine / Super Grafx] implemented CPU IRQ stall.

# [PC Engine / Super Grafx] implemented 10 MHz dot clock (512xH).

# [PC Engine / Super Grafx] fixed IRQ controller.

# [PC Engine / Super Grafx] fixed raster IRQ 1 line offset.

# [PC Engine / Super Grafx] fixed VRAM access.

# [Mega Drive] implemented interlace mode (Wx448).

# [super Famicom] implemented hi-res mode (512xH).

# [super Famicom] implemented pseudo 512 mode (512xH).

# [super Famicom] implemented interlace mode (512x448 & 512x478).

# [super Famicom] faster blending algorithm.

# [super Famicom] fixed 1/2 fixed color blending.

# [super Famicom] fixed mul/div trigger.

# [super Famicom] fixed a few SPC700 opcodes.

# [super Famicom] fixed sprite scroll bug from overscan emulation.

# [Neo Geo] Changed neogeo.ram neogeo.mc1.


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Theres a Basic version and a Full version of this emulator..........full version is $35 blech


Feature//Basic Version//Full Version

ROM Image//Yes//Yes

Disc Image//Yes//Yes

Keyboard input//Yes/Yes

Sound Card//Yes//Yes

Region Select//USA//Configurable


Audio Sample Rate//22050//Configurable


Speed Control//On//Configurable

Graphical User Interface//No//Yes

gzip support//No//Yes

zip support//No//Yes

Backup RAM//No//Yes

Configurable ROM extensions//No//Yes

CD-ROM support//No//NT/2000/XP Only

Screen Shot//No//Yes

Joystick support//No//Yes

Volume Control//No//Yes

Rotate Screen//No//Yes

Over Scan//No//Yes

Full Screen Mode//No//Yes

Screen size change//No//Yes

Configurable Input//No//Yes



The ammount of features lacking from the Basic version, makes me give this thing a big fat "LAME" sticker of disapproval. I wouldn't even be able to tell if this was something I'd want to pay for because of it.

Mind you I'll never pay for an emulator, donations are one thing.......charging for emulators is another, and is something I highly disapprove of.

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