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How to compile with new ROMs


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To compile ROMs you need Devkit Pro installed. Used the Windows update utility at devkitpro.org to install it. Move the source code into the C:\devkitpro\ directory. Drop all of the ROM.bin files into the atarids\arm9\data directory. Open up a command prompt and change to the atarids directory. Type make. The resulting NDS and DS.GBA files should work.


I will add scrolling to the ROM menu and possibly GBA Movie Player support in a later release. I have no plans of purchasing a GBA MP as of now.


Until then you can play as many ROMs as fit on your screen. A bug in GBFS is preventing the name of the first ROM from showing up, but instead the first ROM will say (null) in the menu. In that case, you can still play it by hitting the A button just like for any other ROM.

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