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Scooby Doo Unmasked HDD fix?.


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Does anybody have a scooby doo unmasked HDD fix ?.

I installed the game into my HDD and everytimg i go to start a game it comes up with a black screen saying disc error.


Yeah, when I got it like a week ago, I went searching on google 'n saw that it needs a patch.


Matter of fact, I haven't searched for it the last few days, someone may have it up somewhere now.



Someone might move your post though, seeing that it doesn't deal with emulation.


But I'd just keep doing searches on it, till you find a message board or something where someone ups the patch.




Ok, back on the original message board post I found, someone seems

to think they found a temporary fix. It's not a patch, they just say it's

been working so far, no 'dirty disc' error. And a few people have confirmed that it's working.


Here's what to do:


1 Extract the iso


2 Open the folder


3 find the FATX file, open it with notepad or any txt viewer


4 delete everything in it, and save it


That's it, they say it's working fine so far like so


Good thing unleashx has a txt editor, cuz I haven't been able to get my

Xbox to FTP to PC, and I don't wanna waste any dvds on nonsense.

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