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Neo Patches/Fixes?


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How the hell do I get:


'268-m1.bin' - 4a5a6e0e - 512.0 kb for 'mslug5.zip'


I have all sorts of mslug5 roms and patches and stuff, can't find that though.




'k2k4s-v2.bin' - 8ad2edbd - 8.0 mb for 'kof2k4se.zip'


only thing missing from this set.




Anyone had those problems 'n found patches that can help?

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Thanx Agozer, I already have that spot in favorites. Downloaded most of the patches from there, either it didn't have the ones I needed, or I'm not acquanted enough with the patch process. I've patched a few games with it.


Only because of the readme's that come in the patch zip files. All the patch zip files that don't have readme's and just have an ips patch in it, without saying what it's changing 'from - to' I'm not sure what to do with.



For instance, for 'kf2k2pls' I'm only missing '265-s1p.bin - 59e0006" and I have a s1p patch, but I have no file to patch from to, or I don't know what file they want me to patch from. I have no other s1p for kf2k2pls. I see patches to change s1p to 59e0006. Don't know the file to start with though.

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ok, one of the files I just downloaded from a torrent fixed kf2k2pls.


still need kf2k4se fixed, and mslug5 and ms5plus and these are some:



kf2k4se file - 'k2k4s-v2.bin' - 8ad2edbd.


mslug4d file - 'ms4n_s1.rom' - c349ad60.


mslug5 file - '268-m1.bin' - 4a5a6e0e.


mslug5nd file - '268-p1n.bin' - 24ae2e4d.


ms5plus files - '268-v1d.bin' - e443be70.

'268-v2d.bin' - 8dc25965.


kof99nd file - 'kf99n_s1.rom' - 1b0133fe.





gonna wait for a few more files to download before I name samsho5 roms.

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well i can save you from mentioning the samsho5 m1 as its not released yet and the same applies mslug5's m1 and kof2003a's m1.


i also can't seem to find a patch to get the v2 for kof2k4se but for the d/nd (decrypted) roms you need, you can get them by using certain pc emu's like winkawaks that has options to keep decrypted roms when loading the encrypted roms and it should give you a s1 rom.


read the sticky on encrypting/decrypting roms for kawa-x for more info.


oh and for decrypting v roms, i suggest searching for IQ_132's neoconv ;)

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Well, whatever files I just got from my torrent download just completely fixed my 'kof2k4se'. It's all green now.


I just need the mslug4nd, 4d, ms5plus, mslug5, 5nd, and kof99nd fixes so far. Still downloading some Samsho5 stuff, so I'll wait.


Anyhow,I might try what you're talking about winkawaks.




And, not having the m1 for Samsho5, will Samsho5 not work then when on FBAxxx Pro? or is that a minor type file or something?




and, by the way, PM me about the kof2k4se file. I got you. ;)

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Man, my brain is frying.


I've fixed alot of stuff now.


Only missing the ones Prican said aren't out yet, and:


mlug4d - ms4n_s1.rom - c349ad60


mslug5nd - 268-p1n.bin - 24ae2e4d


rotdnd - 264-p1n.bin - 3b0bc22b


and a few small games 'n stuff


Got kof10thu in all green... :thumbsup1: (even though I heard I read it's a garbage hack) I'll judge it myself though.

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Ok, something is really wrong here.


I just burnt a new dvd with all the new fixed roms I worked out on Romcenter.


I deleted all my rom folder on my Xbox and put these roms there. Not 1 single game works now. Each game has errors, they're all missing all their files according to FBAxxx Pro.


What is going on?


I fixed a game before and got it to work, it was Mslug4. I didn't do anything different, so I don't understand.




Ok, the files must have got corrupted during the iso creation process or

something. Cuz I tried to make it like an auto-launch Baed disc.


I went back and just used Nero this time and did a data disc and everything

works fine.. :thumbsup1:

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