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Lindberg Unvealed

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Famitsu revealed the specs of Sega's latest arcade hardware recently.


CPU: Intel Pentium Processor 3.0Ghz with 1 Megabyte L2 Cache, Hyper Threading Compatible, 800MHz FSB


Memory: 184pin DDR SD-RAM PC3200 512 Megabytes x 2 (dual)


GPU: NVIDIA GPU, 256 bit GDDR3 Memory 256 Megabytes. Compatible with Vertex Shader 3.0 and Pixel Shader 3.0. Can output same or different video stream to two screens


Sound: 3D Audio Synthesizer Chip, Max 64 channels, Compatible with 5.1 channel output




* Video: Analogue D-Sub 15 pin, Two DVI-I Terminals

* Sound: 5.1 Channel (front 2 channels use RCA Connectors), SP-DIF (optical)

* LAN: On board: 10/100/1000 BASE-TX. JVS I/O Connector

* Serial: 2 Channel (can switch one channel between 232C and 422)

* USB 2.0 x 4


Other: Original security system, compatible with All.Net, games distributed on DVD.

Also on the flyer, Power Smash 3, After Burner, Virtual Fighter 5, House of the Dead and Pys-Phi.

Source: Famitsu scan | Translation from S-C, which is possibly from IGN.


Offical Sites for PS3, AB, VF5, HOTD4 and Pys-Phi(try saying that 5 times really fast) are as followed.






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The Lindberg System has been listed on System16 for a good while now. Sure, more info and pictures were added.

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Indeed, Agozer is correct, System16 has had the page up for a while now.

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