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XBOX 360 BETA Marketing Booth!


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[ JoyStiq.com ] has just recieved a BETA photo of the XBOX 360 Marketing Booth that will probably be in stores at the release of the XBOX 360 this Christmas. It is really the sexiest marketing booth I have ever seen. The wireless controllers are real, but not the system itself or it wasn't plugged in.




"I’m here at Games Market Europe in the Business Design Centre, Islington, London, where the first UK games trade since the ECTS/Game Stars! fiasco last year, is starting to kick off. This is my first report of (hopefully) many from the day which I’ll be posting later today and possibly tomorrow. I’ve already spoken to representatives from the BBFC, Codemasters, Digital Jesters (Crazy Frog Racer creators) and the guys at the Ubisoft stand. I’m hoping to sit down with the boss of European Ratings board, ELSPA and a marketing executive from Eidos, so hopefully I’ll catch up with them later.


Here’s my first photo of note from the show, a real live Xbox 360 marketing booth! This was in the Gem Distribution section of the show. Come Christmas 05’ they’ll be the ones setting up Xbox 360s in game retailers and passing on units from Microsoft. Unfortunately, the assistants aren’t allowed to turn the Xbox on, which is a bit of a bummer since, well, I wanted to see it turned on for real! However, they assure me that this machine is a real Xbox 360 and is powered by internal components. No more G5 powered Xbox 360s from here on in. There’s another close-up shot of the wireless controller after the jump."

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