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PJT64 Patches


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Does anyone know of any patches for PJT64 emu that fix up the graphics or sounds in any of the roms?


the two games i'm mainly looking for are::


Super Smash Bros




but notice of patches for any other game are helpful...


thanks in advance

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The are no patches to fix graphics per se. It all has to do with what type of a graphic card you have (how powerful and what features) + the GPU plugin you use.


Exactly what kind of graphical errors are you seeing?

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just the normal ones, you know the ones that PJT64 has in its rom help files...


PJT64 has a list of games that have known errors, all i'm trying to find out is if anyone has made a patch to fix any of these errors?

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Those are unfixable. At the moment anyway. PJ64 need to be recoded to get rid of those errors. Some of the error only show if one has an inadequate video card or system specs.

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To find out what your graphics "card" is, goto Start --> Run and type "dxdiag". This'll launch the DirectX Diagnostics Tool. Check the Display tab. I would like to know the availabl graphics memory, as it might be that yiur "card" might be underpowered for PJ64, hence the graphics errors.

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it will take my a couple of days to find that out as my mum has gone to camp...


i use here computer to play games on cause i got a sucky computer and PJT64 doesn't run on it...


if you like heres my computers stats::


14" monitor

PURE 3D VooDoo graphics (6megs RAM)

80Megs of EDO RAM

6.2Gig HD & 436Meg HD

Intergrated Speakers...

Windows XP pro with IIS5.1 & sp2 installed



So you can see why my computer can't run PJT64...


Well any ways i'll get back to you when i find out what size graphics my mum has on here comp...

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Well, this is an rather old topic, but i think it might be of interest, that i got a file called "Bad-to-Good_N64_ROMs_Patches.exe" of a common p2p programm, that holds 668 IPS patches to make BAD n64 roms GOOD ones. :(

Maybe not PJ64 patches, but ROM patches that may make some work malfunctioning before

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