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FBAxxx (PR version) Help

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1. There is one little glitch on FBAxxx that I think has been on it forever: When you go into button config, the PPP and KKK are switched around. What's up with that?


2. On the Baed3b disk, the PRican25 FBAxxx version, even though it's already sweet, are there updates to this version, cuz I know there's a new August version of the official FBAxxx, but it won't play alot of the roms PRican25's plays.


3. What's the deal with some of the skins not even being recognized when I try to load them on the menu selection screen, or some completely freezing the emulator. Only talking about the main 4 or 5 skins that come with the official FBAxxx and PRican version.


4. Are there any plans for a new rom pack with games like KOF 10th anniversary and such?


P.S. I just PMed you PRican25 with the update question, just felt I'd make a post with a few more indepth questions.


Thanx in advance to anyone that may reply with helpful tips. :)

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the baed disc wasn't by me but the emu for it was modified by me but this was almost a year ago since shastaorange released it so theres been a lot of rom changes since then and i'm sorry to say that you'll need to upgrade to the latest fba-xxx or the pro version by + T + if you want more options and to be able to play samurai shodown V special.

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Oh man, that Sucks!


I actually tried upgrading to Pro. It freezes when you try loading, it says creating DAT files, and just stays there forever. If I take all the roms out, then it loads. And I'm sure it won't play alot of the roms you adjusted the PR version to play.


How do I go about getting this done? I only have the romset that came with the Baed3b disc. If there's another updated romset that I could find it'd be cool, but I have no idea where to find it. I've found Neogeo full romsets, but then I'll be missing the CPS1,2 and others romsets. There must be an easy way to get this done right.

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also you can use rom patches to change the wrong ones to the right ones needed if someone released one for whatever rom you have.


romshare forums is known for patches so its worth to check there and there was a site with a bunch of patches but its doesn't work any more unless someone knows a new link to it.

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thanx again PRican25.


I must say though, if it doesn't give the instructions on how to do it, I prolly won't end up using that method, because I know nothing on patching roms, updating.dat files, and so on.


That's why I was so happy to find all the BAED discs. Everything was done. Except the renaming of disc 1 and 2 for Xbox compatibility. That wasn't too hard.


This is a whole nother thing though. Just wish there was a full patch download that continued from BAED3B and auto-fixed the older games and added the new ones, that'd be the shiiiiiiitt! If it came with a new FBAxxx altered version again too.


Anyhow, I checked out those alt.binaries newsgroups, I couldn't understand how to download the roms I wanted, it kept giving me some.dzn files or something. Maybe I'm just an idiot, but I wasn't getting how to work place out.


still, Thanx for taking the time to drop the helpful tips PRican. Much appreciated. :lol:

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