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Question about large image files.

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isos? probably not. but, if it were a bin file, than possably. bin files are always bigger than iso files for some reason.


if you have an iso file that big, than you possably only have 3 options.


1-get a dvd writer and burn the iso onto a dvd-r.

2-use a cd image mounting program like daemon tools or virtual cd. these programs can trick your computer into thinking that the iso is actually a cd in an "imagianary" cd drive.

3-open the iso up and remove any unimportant files. for example...music files or video files. this takes alot of experiance to do correctly.


i think your best option would be to go with number two, unless you have the money to get the dvd writer. anyways...i hope this helps ya. if you have anymore questions, just ask. :)

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thats intresting. ive never used those ones before. have to give them a try. thanks for the info DCL. :)

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