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Limiting Fields per second on PJT64

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You really should keep better track of emulator updates, almost without exceptions, always use the latest versions. Also download the RDB WIP update for PJ64 from the 1Emulation Downloads section.

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Nvidias GeForce 6800 Ultra (great over clocking)


only worth it if you have good games to use it for, like i have Doom3 on PC but the real game i'm waiting for is UT2007, so i'm saving for that and the AMD 3600 64bit CPU that i want...


Any way i tryed the new 1.6 version and the same thing happen, i got out side the first town and headed down tot he forest but as soon as i get halt way to the exit it spots and say "Unable to find local memory" then closes...


so what do i do?

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