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Xbox finds Fable's Lost Chapters

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Previously PC-exclusive deluxe version of Peter Molyneux's role-playing game gets redux on Xbox for $19.99.


When Fable was released for the Xbox last September, it was considered a revolutionary role-playing game from the minds at Lionhead Studios, led by Black & White creator Peter Molyneux. With generally positive reviews from critics for its use of moral dilemmas and discipline foci to literally shape a gamer's character, Fable soared to retail success, as well as to the top of several "Best of" lists.


However, there was one beef with the game. It was short.


In March, Lionhead announced that it would release Fable for the PC, with exclusive extra content that met the chopping block during the game's development for the Xbox. Fable: The Lost Chapters, with new regions to explore, quests to undertake, and enemies to pummel, is scheduled to be released this September on PCs.


Today, Microsoft Game Studios stated that it is bringing Fable: The Lost Chapters to the Xbox as well. To appease owners of the original Fable, The Lost Chapters will retail as a Platinum Hits release and sell for $19.99. The Xbox version is expected to have all the extras included in the PC version, which amounts to nine new regions, 16 new quests, and several new weapons, spells, items, and expressions.


For more information on Fable: The Lost Chapters, read GameSpot's hands-on preview of the PC version, or check out the full review of the Xbox original.


By Tim Surette -- GameSpot

POSTED: 07/08/05 01:28 PM PST



rented this b4, never beat it, now i can use my 25$ gift card at target for this :)

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Yeh, I read about this on another forum. I like Fable pretty well and this expansion could be good. My only concern is this: will you have to start over or will there be a way to load your character from the original? If I have to start over, that may turn me away. Hopefully there'll be a way to import your character!

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