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whats your favourite ff game?


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well this is a tough one , that i have tried to over come

cause well , i like every ff game out there u probably could oven say "love"

its a choice between ff7 , ff8 and ff10.... i would have to say 7 :D:) but then i couldnt chose between 8 or 10... well wats ur favourite ff game


note: how do i make a poll

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can i just say agozer , i hate sephiroth (j/K) offtopic: well i have been looking for save files cause i have ff7 on pc, i lost my save file and i did it again... i got upto the end of the second disk then realised i can be bothered to do the rest so can some 1 tell me where i can get pc save state files

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i was up to ruby weapon and my guys suked balls :S

You really can't beat Ruby Weapon even with strong characters. You must have gotten the Mime materia and Knights of the Round summon, otherwise it's nearly impossible to beat him. Starting over with everything unlocked just because Ruby Weapon made short work of your party is no excuse.


Besides, you don't even have to beat Ruby Weapon to beat the game.

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i know xP i just wanted a challange , i went onto game-faq last year and theres a way to get the knights of the round in like the second disk :D that wat i did but im stuck now (i dun know if its my game but yeh i got a burnt version from my mate) :( well , u tried meh , just can u get me the closest game save at the end of the second disk as possible (pls) just try , if not dun wrry

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