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pj64v1.6 audio problem

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As the topic says, the sound breaks constantly during the play in pj64v1.6. I've tried several audio-plugins but none helped.

It could be that my pc is too crappy for n64 roms. :peopleseybrow:


Is there some other emulator that would do the job correctly.


cheers :(

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I have an

p3-900MHZ-128mb ram and yes, I have Sync to Audio enabled.

My pc is around 7y old and I don't have an graphics card. :P


I mean, I run psx games almost perfect with clear sound on epsxe.


What's the ideal configuration for this emu.?

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The thing is, that there is no ideal configuration for it. The basic plugins that come with the emulator are usually the most compatible though. First and foremost, disable Sync to Audio as it creates more trouble than it's worth in most games (I know only two games that actually benefit from this option).


As for why the sound is so bad, I haven't got the slightest clue. Your set up should be able to handle N64 emulation at least fairly well, and sometimes the sound issue might not be your SPU plugin's fault, rather the problem lies somewhere else.


Since I guess you have an intergrated graphics card, what's the make of it? This might be where the problem is, but I'm just throwing ideas around.

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I've partialy fixed the sound but I'll try some of the other emulators...you may never know.

Needless to say, other N64 emulators aren't as advanced and PJ 64, nor have those been updated in a long time. But whatever. Have you tried Rice's GPU plugin?

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