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EmulForums HUB Has Reached A Record of 134 Members Online!!


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This is amazing, we now have around 60 members online in our hub and we share over 1 tera byte!!! Great work everyone.  :)  :lol:


What the hell is a tera byte :idea:


make that over 70 users in record  :) 


Although the popularity drop after a day.. but hey ! easy come easy go  :)


I will be joing you soon get those america first movies ready because ladies and gentlemen Emlsey is getting ADSL With a standard 500kb a second limit infinite acess [true infenite acesss]


Now we have been qouated these things by a company who s name i can not remember [my dad is sorting it out]

he will be hooked up in about 2 weeks with me following in about a month [got to save those pennys]



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hey the hub does look great but i lost access to it because of the reinstallment i had to do someone give a link to the hub again thanks


follow this link here. it will tell you all you need to know. :lol:

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