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Gamecube Modding Info

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Here a list shall be compiled, of links to pertinent info on Gamecube modding. In no specific order, but with as much detail as possible in a short blurb.


MaxConsole - You'll find plenty of relative information and tutorials on their website and in their forums. This is also the best place to go to find the latest bios updates if you own a mod chip.


Qoob - Official website for the Qoob modchip, look here for resellers, wholesale info and general information.


ModThatCube - Lots of info regarding Gamecube mods and Bios. A very useful resource.


Gamecube Compatibility List - I believe this is a compatibility list for people WIHOUT mod chips (ie: using PSO and a BBA etc). Worth a look if this is the case for you.


Dextrose - Info, tutorials and FILES. Plenty to see here, go have a look.


Zophar's "Emulators FOR Gamecube" section - Emulators for your Gamecube. Zophar's doesn't seem to be as "on top" of things like they used to, but this is still useful. If someone can find me a better place that is more up to date for this, by all means do so and I'll add it/replace this one.


That's all for now, feel free to add to this by posting your own links. Don't link to things like a single thread on some forum somewhere though. Thats not very useful.

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