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Dam who else has been seriously transfixed with neo geo lately?


I did not stop playing for 3 hours today....

garou and metal slug X been the culprate...

I did my daly chores and bang im on the machine...

Something tells me i should be doing something else, like maybe living a life and partying...

I mean my ex girlfreind rung me up and i was like no im busey

i was to into my neo geo stuff to even let her come round and see me...

Sad maybe but it feels so write.... :D

Neo geo or life...

Wy does it tortur me soooooo :wink::?::)

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Addicted is good my friend...goood

Me too but the different is ah don't have any or ex girlfriend

but i,m stillll happy fella... :?:

Well in my case, my addiction is other than playing roms but

also downloading the roms [neogeo, cps1/2, mame, etc]

that's why ma friends call me 'koh-roms' [neat huh ?]

I could'nt stop ma self not from d/l the roms..i must get

as many roms as i'm still alive :D yeh that's the spirit !!!

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There's a motto from one of ma radio station...


"Keep the fighting spirit not spirit for figthing" :D

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