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Help playing street fighter 3 in 1 file

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Alright my internet connection is garbage, and whenever I try to send you the file it seems to disconnect it the middle of it!!!


How do I check the BIOS?




I got MVC2 to work again (just changing the region) and whenever I try to play the 3 in one file it just pauses at the Sega screen (starting) and for the street fighter 3 file it gives me a I/O error???


Anybody know how I can get these to work??

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Yeah it's set to the XXX one not the ASPI one.

Well, then it is very likely that the image is fuxored one way or the other, since I get an I/O Error in Chankast whenever I try to run a faulty image.


Other than that, I don't know what other advice I should give. Maybe you could try deleting Dc_flash.bin and reconfiguring the BIOS.

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