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Help playing street fighter 3 in 1 file

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Hey guys,


I just got a street fighter 3 in 1 file that is a.cdi whenever I try to play it with Chankast it always gives me that time screen where you have to enter the time on the emulator, but it doesn't play the game.


It also happens when I burn the.cdi onto a cd using DiskJuggler!!


The games that are on this are:


Street Fighter 3: Thrid Strike

Capcom vs SNK 2

Marvel vs Capcom 2


Does anybody know how to fix this, it would be greatly appreciated.



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I haave the same games and they play fine on Chankast. I remember experiencing the same kind of problem with SFIII as you did, but it went away after I just set the date and time again.

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Maybe it would be better to try running CD images that only have one game in them. I don't know really.



I just downloaded street fighter 3 as a separate.cdi file, and it's doing the same thing, I already had MVC 2 and it worked fine before I tried the 3 in 1 file, now it's doing the same thing also.

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