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Most used N64 Emulator?


Which N64 emulator do you most commonly use?  

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I really liked 1964 for quite some time. It was easier to set up, which is good for anybody just starting out with an emulator. It also stores it's configuration in a.ini instead of the registry, allowing me to reinstall Windows or change around my emulation directory structure and not have to reconfigure every thing. And on a slower machine like the 700 mhz I was using, it ran better than pj64 ever did.


But it's incompatibility with Ogre Battle 64 was what caused me to switch once pj64 was updated to 1.6. They expect you to revert to a previous version of 1964 just to run it, and that's unacceptable.


So I'd rather deal with all of pj64's bullshit (missing.dll files unincluded with the distribtuion, Windows installer, registry stored settings, etc.) than have to switch around between multiple emulators just to run all my games.

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