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Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire


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:lol: Email Me If you got Sapphire in 100% English

or If you got a tranlation for sapphire in 100% english. If you dont please do not waste peoples time claming that you have it cause' most people dont. So If you do e-mail me or post it here. Thx. :? PS: Please, for goodness sake dont lie. It just makes yourself very unpopular.

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I have the US ROM. I don't play pokemon, but I played it for about 10 minutes and it was all in english. There are about ten other people who have it available right now on Emulforums Direct Connect hub. This hub is available for your use. By not using it, you are squandering the best ROM resource on the net.


Here are the instructions on how to connect to the hub:


also, you can get it here if you don't mind some pop-ups:





p.s. Pokemon Sapphire US is ROM #0898

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