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Where are the oldest drivers


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Hi, i have compiled vsyncmame 0.61 (AC 97 drivers etc) but now i have a new problem. The 0.70 and above has a new memory_install_etc functions that do not appear in 0.69 and oldest. in more specific words check the next part of kof2003 (0.70 and above) driver


DRIVER_INIT( kof2003 )





neogeo_fix_bank_type = 2;



memory_install_read16_handler(0, ADDRESS_SPACE_PROGRAM, 0x2fe000, 0x2fffff, 0, 0, MRA16_RAM );




and now check the same part for kof2003 (0.61 ) driver


DRIVER_INIT( kof2003 )


install_mem_read16_handler (0, 0x2fe000, 0x2fffff, kof2003_16_r);

install_mem_write16_handler(0, 0x2fe000, 0x2fffff, kof2003_16_w);





for mame0.61 the function memory_install...(mame0.70) are no declared in memory.h and memory.c (i think the first time that appear is in mame0.89) the most drivers posted in the forums has the new functions. Could any one tellme how to declare the new code in the old? so i can do that, could any share the 0.61 drivers? (mSlug5, SVC, etc)


Thank you

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