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  1. I have a dmame.exe that runs kof10th but have not the source code. I do not understand how you can join the a and b roms into a c rom, when the game loads i can see that there are c files, where are those files? this is that i can see: loading 5004-c1a.bin loading 5004-c1b.bin loading 5004-c2a.bin loading 5004-c2b.bin loading 5004-c3a.bin loading 5004-c3b.bin loading 5004-c4a.bin loading 5004-c4b.bin loading 5004-c5a.bin loading 5004-c5b.bin loading 5004-c6a.bin loading 5004-c6b.bin loading 5004-c7a.bin loading 5004-c7b.bin loading 5004-c8a.bin loading 5004-c8b.bin the files into the zip f
  2. Hi, i have compiled vsyncmame 0.61 (AC 97 drivers etc) but now i have a new problem. The 0.70 and above has a new memory_install_etc functions that do not appear in 0.69 and oldest. in more specific words check the next part of kof2003 (0.70 and above) driver DRIVER_INIT( kof2003 ) { kof2003_px_decrypt(); kof2003_sx_decrypt(); neogeo_fix_bank_type = 2; init_neogeo(); memory_install_read16_handler(0, ADDRESS_SPACE_PROGRAM, 0x2fe000, 0x2fffff, 0, 0, MRA16_RAM ); .... and now check the same part for kof2003 (0.61 ) driver DRIVER_INIT( kof2003 ) { install_mem_read16_handler (0, 0x
  3. Does some body could explain me what is the difference between the roms or code called bootleg, decrypted, hacked, etc? There are roms and code that have s1 and m1 files and other that not. I am looking for documentation. Any idea?
  4. Do some body know how to compile vsyncmame 0.61?
  5. I think i know what is my problem. I have a compiled dos mame executable file that shows the next list 0. eternal silence 1. sound blaster 2. chipste integrated ac97 3. chipste integrated ac97 (pure dos) 4. Ultramax sound 5. Ultra sound 6. Windows sound sistem 7. Ensoniq sound scape 8. Ess audio drive 9. Sound blaster pro all versions of dos mame that i have compiled shows this list 0. Silence 1. Sound blaster 3. Pro audio expectrum 4. Ultramax sound 5. Ultra sound 6. Windows sound sistem 7. Ensoniq sound scape As you can see the last list have not the option 3 (chip set integrated ac
  6. I am trying to build a pure dos mame with dmame 89, i have a sound problem (unable to initialize sound) and the emulator do not start. this is my autoexec.bat @ECHO OFF keyb sp,,C:\keyboard.sys SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 P330 c:\dos\sndinit.exe/INIT c:\dos\sndtsr.exe set path=c:\sneskey;c:\dos cd\arcadeos go i was using advamame with out problems seting device_sound auto in advmame.rc, in dmame this option do not exist and i have trying with all options 1,3...7 and the same error... do i have to modify any parameter in make file before compile or something like that? if any of have a confi
  7. No, i have the same problem, i think due to my rom set is not the same that you code, these are my rom sets kof2003.zip 271-p1.bin CRC(92ed6ee3) size 4,194,304 271-p2.bin CRC(5d3d8bb3) size 4,194,304 271-s1.rom CRC(7c7829aa) size 131,072 271-m1d.bin CRC(0e86af8f) size 524,288 271-v1d.rom CRC(d2b8aa5e) size 4,194,304 271-v2d.rom CRC(71956ee2) size 4,194,304 271-v3d.rom CRC(ddbbb199) size 4,194,304 271-v4d.rom CRC(01b90c4f) size 4,194,304 271-c1d.rom CRC(e42fc226) size 8,388,608 271-c2d.rom CRC(1b5e3b58) size 8,388,608 271-c3d.rom CRC(d334fdd9) size 8,388,608 271-c4d.rom CR
  8. Hi, a have trying to load kof2003 but a have errors. I compiled the code posted by james whit out problem, but i think a have not the correct files or an error in my code. ROM_START( kof2003 ) ROM_REGION( 0x800000, REGION_CPU1, 0 ) ROM_LOAD16_WORD_SWAP( "271-p1.bin", 0x000000, 0x400000, CRC(92ed6ee3) SHA1(5e7e21eb40dfcc453ba73808760d5ddedd49c58a) ) ROM_LOAD16_WORD_SWAP( "271-p2.bin", 0x100000, 0x400000, CRC(5d3d8bb3) SHA1(7f2341f14ca12ff5721eb038b3496228a1f34b60) ) NEO_SFIX_128K( "271-s1.rom", CRC(7c7829aa) SHA1(22f8d38d1d0891295d0593741d9477fbe6b4f48c)) NEO_BIOS_SOUND_512K( "271-m1
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