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  1. Hi again, well, replace "memory_install_xxxxx" with "install_mem_xxxxx." and only use four parametres "(0, 0xXXXXXX, 0xXXXXXX, final parameter). I did that to accomodate from.84 to.71 version, and I believe it is the same format for.61.
  2. My roms are different. In fact I am not using kof2002 as the parent, but a different kof2k2 (which I believe is the fully decrypted version of kof2002 -it does not require any driver_init). The p1 is 1,048,576 in size, but p2 is only 524,288.
  3. Are you trying to develop a multigame arcade system? That is, Arcadeos, SnesKey, and AdvMame? I did had the same problem time ago, but with some other motherboards with ac97 integrated it is still happened to me. By the way, what is the mame version and what executable that you did used first? That is, the version that shows to you most options in the sound listing?
  4. It is an Athlon XP/2000 with 128 MB RAM and 40 GB HDD (KOF2003 lasts 45 seconds for loading- using AdvanceMame 0.71). My question is because I saw a build compiled for a guy which uses the same resources of mine and lasts only 22 seconds for loading.
  5. Very interesting. By the way, do you know what is the DRIVER_INIT and related code for KOF 2002 Plus (kf2k2pls)? I have the rom, but is shows a strange length in P1. So I never had succesfull for compiling it.
  6. I saw some pictures of some KOF hacks in which the players can be made smaller with the Start Buttons. I believe that those are kof2002, crouching tiger, kof2003, and kof2004. Do you know what are those games? What are their rom's names? Thank you very much for any help.
  7. Is there any compile procedure to enable faster loading times in DOS MAME? I do not know if something could be useful to short the loading times, maybe deleting some form of checking CRC's, disabling hardware checks, etc. Thank you very much for any help.
  8. I am trying to compile my own version of MAME to enable kof2001, kof2002, mslug4, rotd, etc. I have the roms for all of those games, and changed the corresponding CRC according to the source code. However, they do not work. Any suggestions? Thank you.
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