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Well done to everyone.


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I have been scanning emulforums FTP...

All i can say is good job everyone..

Its all sectioned out nice and neat..what you see is what you get

apart from kotf2002 has bad sound file..

Apart from that i belive its looking good..lots of neo geo stuff on there even cinders pc engine stuff.

You can even use a downloade manager WOO HOOO FOR US DIAL UPS :) [thanks gc for inabeleing that]

anyways whoever contributes thank you and all of you keep up the good work :)

When i get my ADSL and my MVS cab[gets giddy and twists his nipples :P ]

Any thing new that comes out will be dumped by yours truly....

better get saving because the last game to come out will be

power battles....Must save quickly.

Hell i may even learn how to dump just for the neo rage!!

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Im the rom genie host (therefore the host of the DC hub and the ftp) :) if you had any problem emsley.. feel free to pm me anytime m8 ! :P


btw: you have'nt check out the dc hub yet :)

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