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WWE SummerSlam 2002 (vids download)


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This is very nice although is old, some fans might have miss this, thanx

to GameCop for finding this and post this back in A@H..


GameCop wrote:


I thought many of you would like this. I stumbled across it, and thought I'd pass it along to you guys! So, here ya go...


1) The Rock Vs. Brock Lesnar:





2) HHH Vs. HBK






All In One Zip File: http://www.vernim.de/files/hhhvshbksummerslam2002.zip


3) RVD vs Chris Benoit:





4) Rey Mysterio Vs. Kurt Angle




P.S. If you click on it you can watch it live on your Windows Media Player without actually downloading it. Or you can right click on it and click save target as to save it on your hard drive!

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