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First Gamecube Mod Chip

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I missed all the fun. :(


Anyway, there is a Pansonic version of the GC which reads full DVD discs so I doubt they really changed the hardware too much.


Anyway, this is over and done with. Thanks for the PM IQ or I would have missed this. :clapping:

the fun lasted like 2 seconds then i realized i was wrong and things have damaticly changed since i last checked the gamecube scene... like i said sorry for the sudden outburst.. just back when i did do gamecube stuff hearing people ask how to burn a gc iso got sooooo annoying.


also was my flame that bad.. i just asked if he was a retard.. :P then stated how things use to be.

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Yo dudes you dont even need to buy a gamecube mod chip. You can get the Freeloader GC bootdisk and play all the GC games you want without having up open up your GC and go through all that trouble. The freeloader bootdisk is only 20 bucks at your local import gaming store i'm sure they have it. Here is some info about it.


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