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/// The 2002 Games of The Year \


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Well 2002 is sadly over... :cheers:

But not the games!! :cheers:


Here is my list of the top games for 2002 and reviews:


1 ) Rage of The Dragons [Review By: GameCop]


Speed: 9

GamePlay: 5

Graphics: 5

Sound: 3


BIO: This game was good for the first couple of minutes I got to admit, but then later on, it just got stupid. The sound really sucked. Graphics were ok, but there was wAy, wAy, to much hype for this game!


I'd give the game a: :wink:


2 ) Metal Slug 3 [Review By: GameCop]


Speed: 9.5

GamePlay: 10

Graphics: 6

Sound: 6


BIO: Metal Slug 3 was probally one of the most funnest games I have ever played. It consisted of awesome boses and great gameplay. It really never bored me out. It was especially fun when a friend and I played it to gether. Unfortunattely though, the game is not long. In fact you should be able to finish it within an hour or even half a hour. However, you will be urging for more once you are done playing the game.


I'd give this game a: :cheers:



3 ) Metal Slug 4 [Review By: GameCop]


Speed: 8

GamePlay: 9.5

Graphics: 6.5

Sound: 6


BIO: This game was emulated way to soon and almost the same time as Metal Slug 3. To me, I think it deserved way, way, more hype. Even though it was not as good as Metal Slug 3, if there was just a little bit more time span between the two, this game would probally be even better. Its not what's in the game, it what people will do for the game. I'd say though that Metal Slug 4 was a Major Dissapointment. Everyone thought it would be better than Metal Slug 3. But obviously that wasn't the case.


I'd still give this game a: :cheers:


4 ) King of Fighters 2002 [Review By: ------]


Speed: --

GamePlay: --

Graphics: --

Sound: --


BIO: This game to be honest, was really not completely emulated in 2002 and still isn't now in the year 2003. If you would like to make a review for it, please PM me. Otherwise all I heard about this game is that it was a dissapointment for many. And there is still way to many problems with it..




Well those are the current top games. Not much for 2002. There were probally more but these were the most known ones. If you want to post your own top games and review in this thread, please do and if you can type it in the same format as I did. Have a good one and lets just wish more games will be emulated this year without the presence of the IDSA.

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