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Doom 3 running on Voodoo 2


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I got mine mostly free. I traded in like 10 old psx games after my psx broke. man I remember feeling like my pc was hot then.....lol

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The graphics look half-life 1-ish ;)


I was thinking the same thing. it's amazing to look back and see what was once cutting edge looks like total crap just a few years later.

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is that the one that comes with blue shift?


I want to use that stuff, but i cant get it to work with Steam, do i have to just install it like i do with a 3rd party mod?


(the patch and blue shift)

I got my High Definition Skins pack to work just by using it's installer. It detects what games you have on your system (Half-Life, Blue Shift or Opposing Force) and install the pack for each game,

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