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No sound in kof2001


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Hi i've been trying to get kof2001 to work on fba-xxx but haven't been


totally successful. The graphics work but no sound for the kof2001


rom and I get sound for for cthd2003 rom but just scrambled


graphics. I'm using the 8-02 build i think it something to do with the


rom (262-m1.bin) ? because i can get all the other kofs to work


besides this one.


Thanks in advance.




P.S i read through most of the forum but didnt find anything that delt with it

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well in all the versions i played kof2001 in they all played with sound so the problem may actually be either your m1d and/or your v roms.


cthd2003 doesn't work properly and hasn't been fixed since then so i suggest you try to find the cthd2003 neorage version which is supported in fba-xxx.

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