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25Gb Corndisk?

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The disk is coated with a resin that is "too hard for teeth" or however they put it.  It should be just as tough as the plastic on CDs and DVDs.


Then Why Are They Made Of Korn Then? If They Are As Hard AS Regular Disk, And Wont react Like That To Watter, Then Whats The Point? Or Does It Take It A While To Desolve?


And Did Any One Hear About Korn Styraphome? It Taste Pretty Good!

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The point is that making media like cds and dvds at the moment uses an incredible amount of our planet's dwindling natural resourses. This is a way to at least partly replace the ingredients with stuff that takes alot less long to grow (corn, which takes a few months to grow, as compared to say oil that takes millenia for fosillised remains to break down into liquid)

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