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Time travel

random guy

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Everyone thinks that time travel can only be caused by the speed of light,

what is not though of is the frequency in which matter exist and the manipulation of gravity in which a dynamic system can distort space and itself time, think of it as a space of nothingness and non existance in a secondary reality, a material like this exist in theory, it is called dark matter.

With Dark matter it is possible to slip out of exsitance in reality but you will die :blink:

If you manage to control dark matter Dark matter which is impossible you may slip out into a tandem dimension or time


The problems with time travel

1) wont survive the process.


2)If you survive it, your meer existance in the new timeline would change history, destroying or altering the path of the natural time line.


3) You would need the power of 10 suns to power the system to manipulate dark matter


What would i do if i went back in time

1)Educate cavemen, become their god,show them what technology is and leave them with plans for wmd's and playstation 2's :)

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1) You're specifically talking about sending humans or matter in some solid form back. It would probably be much easier to send energy back in some form (although I can't imagine what you'd do this for, other than finding some interesting way to observe history through a complex "radar" system.)


2) No, the "multiple timeline" theory makes no sense whatsoever. Whoever will travel back in time in the future was already there, so obviously they haven't changed history. In fact, they were part of it.


3) Most speculation revolves around gravitic distortion, such as that of singularities. Again, this makes sending discrete information or matter back seem impossible, but you never know what we'll come up with. I mean, we went in 300 years from not understanding lightning to making weather-modelling supercomputers - not to mention the acceleration of scientific advancement over the last century, if not couple of decades.

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if someone was going at speed of light, they would be going into the future. no?.. thnk about it, the person that is going at speed of light is moving so fast but the people that are not in the time machien would be moving slow and therefore they would age faster and the person in the time machien would end up going to the future?...thats my theory. if the person was going at speed of light...


IIRC correctly, moving at the speed of light you would be experiencing time at a ratio approaching 0:1 compared to everyone else, so hypothetically you wouldn't necessarily be "travelling forward in time", but for the duration of your trip at light-speed the universe would be moving forward while you are not. You'd blink and it would be 100 years later, but you'd still be *there* during those 100 years, not 'hopping' forward.

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