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The nEw Level System Currently For subSilver&SpacePilot


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Read the top post or the following quote..


Here is what you need to know:


Determine MP


* MP is calculated by how long the user has been around

and how often they post.


* Max MP is based on level, and increases with level

* Each post a user makes costs them mp,

* and a user regenerates mp proportional to how

* many days they have been registered


Determine EXP percentage


* Experience is determined by how far the user is away

from the next level. This is expressed as a percentage.


* Note, a user of level 0 has 100% experience. Making one post

will put them at level 1. Also, a user that is shown to have 100%

experience, will go up a level on their next post.


Determine Hit Points (HP)


* Hp is based on user activity.

* Max HP is based on the user's level, and will generally

* be the same for all users of the same level.


* A user's current HP is based on the user's posts per day.

* A higher post per day (ppd), the more HP they will have. A

user with an average PPD (set below) will have 50% of their

max HP. As a user goes over the average PPD, they will have

more HP, but the gains will decrease as the user's PPD increases.

This makes achieving 100% hp difficult, but not impossible.


* For users with under the average PPD, they will have HP equal

to 1/2 the percentage their ppd is of the average.

ie- a user with 2.5 ppd, and an average ppd of 5 will have

* 25% of their max HP. This is because 2.5 is 50% of 5, and 1/2

of that, is 25%.


* Users who manage to post so far above the average that they have

more HP than their max will recieve a bonus to their max HP.


[Note] Users at level 0 will always have 0 / 0 hp.


That should explain everything.


Thanks gc, sorry =P, this post wasn´t yet when i started writing my post but that explains everything =)

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