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  1. If hi-scores are not currently saved along with soft DIP settings and such then the only thing I can suggest is to use save states since I doubt its something I'd be able to implement. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It would great if you could implement it, but i think might be able to get buy with save states. Thanks for replying to my question. Nos9
  2. Could someone please answer my question, regarding the saving of game data like hi scores, rankings and so on ? Im not the first person to ask this, and ive asked once on page 35, so i would be greatful if someone would answer.
  3. Hi guys, great work with FBA-XXX. Its taken me 24 hours to get my account on here, so i missed the chance to ask before the next release, but here goes. Does FBA-XXX v1.13 save game scores made by players, when the game is ended? I ask because there is alot of games with score ranking, where you enter your name in if your score is worthy, but from what ive noticed it don't save the ranking data. It would be great if you guys could sort this one, thanks.
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