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  1. Well, only an option to enable/disable fast browsing with the analog stick would be enough for me (to make it work like in the other menus, for example video options, no problem using the joystick there) Autoboot would be cool since i want to be able to just switch on the machine and then it boots up to my favorite game (or maybe just the last played rom). Then if i want to change game, i will just do that as usual. not really a big deal, but it would feel more like the real thing if it jumped into a game instead of the rom-select screen when starting up. Another useful option would be to have some auto-savestate and auto-load-savestate option. (automatic savestate in the background every 5 mins maybe?) and then load the most recent savestate on starting a rom. Just so the highscore-lists gets saved, i ALWAYS forget to save...
  2. I also have an Xbox via Jamma based arcade cabinet (capcom 6 button) And i want to know some things. Currently, the buttons is mapped (via an xbox->jamma adapter called MGCD) so i DON'T have the following keys: L & R + both analog sticks and also the back button is missing. Is it possible to customize the shortcuts so that for exampe Black+White+Start = return to the game select screen? Another question: the joysticks in my cabinet is mapped so that they trigger a full "analog" press. this makes navigating trough the romlist almost impossible. (even how fast i try to press down, it jumps like 10 roms down...) Is this problem possible to solve (an option that makes it possible to choose if the analog stick should be emulating a digital joystick would be the best thing). And one more thing: Is it possible to make FBA-xxx autoload a rom on startup? (edit some.ini file?)
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