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  1. Help guys i just downloaded ssv and metal slug5 and they are only compatible with kawaks. I was wondering if anybody has the rc dats for mame 79 that supports unemulated games like kof2003 ssv and ms5 so i could play it in mame and would not download a full mame romset version, just the needed missing files to run it. If only possible thanks....
  2. hey guys can you help me find dats for the latest mame version that support ss5 and ms5 and other unemulated games... thanks in advance.
  3. hey james how about the mame driver + dat files that incudes MS5 and SS5, are you working on it? where can i get it?
  4. ROTD sound and power bar problems I have downloaded the game rotdn.zip 28.4 MB has 15 files i can run it in winkawaks 1.46 but it has huge sound problems and the power bars are not shown on screen.i tried to load it in nebula 2.20 but it ask me for 264-sn1.bin "c155d4ff" so i cant tell if it still have the same problems. can someone help me with this problems maybe you could post some rom fixes for me or the full working rom preferably for winkawaks 1.46. thanks in advance guys.
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