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  1. I was in school, probably, not doing much. It was news, to be sure, but there wasn't so much as a small break to inform anyone, the news just spread eventually. I was joking about it that very day, which probably makes me a dick, but eh. I'm with Cinder on this one, it's old news and people need to move on.

  2. I'm terrible at all RTS. I still play them because I like to see the little things die and destroy crap.


    Have you tried Dawn of War?


    I suck at most RTS games, but I'm enjoying (and becoming quite successful) at this one because it's more about battle tactics then resource management (the latter which I always find a pain in the behind). You always feel like you have a chance at winning, even when you are on the backfoot, and because your units are grouped into squads and you can reinforce them quickly and easily when you loose a squad member, you never get wiped out without a fight, even when the odds are against you.


    Oh, and it's incredibly violent, too!

    Resource management is ALWAYS the focus of a strategy game. No exceptions.


    On Topic: Tetris DS. Got like 1000+ lines or something in Endless, it was kinda crazy.

  3. I'm using the Real, I got the system from that very sight earlier today. I didn't have the things in an nds folder at first, but now they're in there with the same result. Should the nds folder be in the root folder or the system folder?

  4. It really is just generic help, I got it, now what do I do with it? I've downloaded what I believe to be the latest firmware, put an .nds file in the root folder, and it doesn't run. I hit A, I click on it, and it doesn't respond. It might just be bad, I don't know. But the tutorials I'm seeing online don't exactly sound reliable, either. Could someone give me a rundown?

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