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  1. I've had a lot of fun with it. It has similarites to both Oblivion and Fallout, which I think is a good thing. I think it plays a lot smoother than Oblivion. There's no carefully watching what you do so you don't level up the wrong ability and fall short a stat point and then get raped by level scaling, which I always hated about Oblivion. I think the skills are actually more generally useful than in Oblivion, also, as are the perks.


    The biggest problem I have with it is that it crashes sometimes. Some people say it crashes all the time and they've barely gotten out of the vault. I didn't personally experience a crash some several hours into the game, but it does crash, and it is annoying.

  2. Last night I tried out Sonic: The Dark Brotherhood. Wasn't great, even though it had a lot of potential. The two big things that kept this from being better were stylus controls, for one. Everything had to be done with the stylus, got old really fast. Also, the graphics were a bit choppy. Looked decent enough when you weren't moving, but once you were, it went downhill.


    I'm also playing Dementia: The Ward. Fun little fps, with many of the same problems. I haven't played too long yet, but the stylus aiming does work decently well, even if it hurts your hand a bit. The graphcs are a bit outdated, I imagine this would've looked much better on the PC, but they're more than reasonable, even if the textures sometimes lack detail. There's potential for some very nice plot here, but I haven't run into a lot of plot yet, so we'll have to see how that goes.

  3. I actually hate Puzzle Quest, as the computer tends to get random unstoppable combos on me that take off large chunks of my health. Granted, I do the same thing, but that's still pretty annoying. Bomberman, on the other hand I enjoy, it involves bombs. I play neither on the 360 specifically, though.

  4. Normal cap??? Anyway... instance? level 18? might you be talking about the Wailing Caverns? Ohhh the memories. How often Id go there and fish just outside the entrance... deviate fish... the sought after catch. Had them turned into potions of growth. I used to walk small parties through there solo. For them to get the loot of course. Once I hit 60, I helped anyone and everyone who needed it. I found more fun in that than grinding out BSD runs. Besides... I wasn't specked for that kinda thing. No one wants a warrior who isnt def. specked.


    Anyway... if it is WC, and your buddies are same level as you... your gonna need some more guys to tag along. Hmmmmm where to level, at that level... Ashenvale??? It's been sooo long, I cannot remember.


    I miss WOW... I do... haven't played in years. Stratholme, Scholomance, Winterspring, goofing off around Booty Bay, killing pirates and getting their rum. I think I might just look into getting back on... but then again, it eats too much time. Perhaps not.


    Arms and Fury warriors are quite popular now, there are other options for tanks, so there's not the terrible shortage there once was.


    At level 18 the Barrens and Stonetalon are good place to level.


    I remember goofing off in Booty Bay, too, though, did it all the time. I enjoyed killing the guards and then killing anyone walking by, just to be a jerk. I killed enough of the Bruisers that my rep with the Bloodsail Buccaneers was Friendly. They gave me a cool hat.


    Just for the record, I had a level 60 Warlock and Shaman in classic, levelled a paladin to 70 in BC, hated it, sold the account, waited a few months, bought a new account, levelled a druid to 70, levelled a second shaman and a rogue to 70, and now have my 61 mage and a 58 warrior. Also have a 48 Dwarf rogue floating around, and a level 40 paladin.

  5. Wii HD, that sh!t better not be a Wii with a HD adapter plugged into the back.


    Seriously Nintendo, I have, single-player wised, so far enjoyed a number of games on your console that I can count on my one right hand, and multi-player wise, enough to count on my left.


    Give me a reason to buy your next-gen !

    I take it you've enjoyed more on other systems? I'm legitimately interested in hearing what you enjoyed on the PS3, as I haven't seen much personally and want to justify my purchase.

  6. The Wii is having a bit of a drought on quality games, but I couldn't care less about the "high definition experience". I intend to buy a PS3 soon, but only to play a game that's primarily two dimensional. Fancy ass 1000$ hardware is NOT needed for a quality game, and I really wish people would stop vomiting out hardware we don't need.

  7. The ending was unique. The whole second season made me lose faith in the guy, and the ending comes at and says, "Yeah, we did that on purpose." I don't know if I like that or not. I'd definitely call it good, if only for this one time.

  8. Yeeees Horde. I was playing on my old roommates account. Some RP server... where no one RP'd. I have a max level warrior, with engineering. Haven't played in years. My buddy has since been playing him, maxed him out when they raised the cap, and kept me in the PVP whatever it was called. I have the armor from it apparently...


    I miss Ogrimar. But do people actually still play? Amazing.

    You're surprised? The game has like 10 million customers. It's got on expansion coming out in a month, you should hop in and join us.

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