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  1. I found Saints Row 2 and Saints Row much worse than any GTA game I've played. The entire game seems like a parody of GTA, there's little realism, and everything seems immature and the animations lack emphasis. The game is a joke, and the missions are just as repetitive as GTA missions.


    A parody of GTA sounds considerably more fun, actually. I might look into this game.

  2. I do feel that way a lot. Sometimes a game is actually crap and I'm only finishing it for the story, and then I don't feel like going back when I finish it. Other times I reach 90ish% and the remaining goals are playing the game while standing on my head, and then I don't feel too bad either. Usually, though.

  3. Either Warhammer Online or Red Alert 3, since those are the only two games I've purchased this year.


    Red Alert 3 was just hard as hell to play. The reflexes required to succeed are not something I have. It's a very well made game, and probably among the more competitive RTS out there, but seeing how it's obviously intended for experts, I was obviously disappointed when I discovered I couldn't play it worth a damn.


    Warhammer Online was disappointing not because it was bad, but because it was only average. It was a really buggy version of stuff I was already playing, so why switch over? Unfortunately I didn't realize this until I had paid like 80$ for the collector's version.

  4. Simple, stay out of discussions regarding fighting games, anime or Ramen noodles and you won't encounter any retards.


    /me ducks incoming fireballs


    Pork is the best ramen. Anyone who disagrees is gay. Fact.


    See, statements like this are uncounterable. The other person has already lost. They might have trouble admitting it immediately, but don't worry about it. You're the only one who needs to know how bad you owned the guy.

  5. She never posted again.


    Likely she browsed the pictures thread and saw you... and promptly left. Another one bites the dust :thumbsup1:


    If that were the case she would become a devout member of 1Emulation.

    What actually happened, is she left her computer to travel on foot in search of Rose. That's why she hasn't posted.


    Yes, she's walking across the ocean, don't ask questions.

  6. Been playing the new WoW expansion. Having tons of fun with it.


    Lan this weekend, though. I think I'm lined up to play something called Penumbra, and another something called Pathologic.


    How many DK's on your server?


    Btw where is your server!? I'm in Arthas man :(.


    On topic: I just bought Burning Crusade (lol I'm late).

    A lot. I don't have a number, but it's probably somewhere over 9000. Server is Akama.

  7. So far up to around 50 hours on Fallout 3. I still don't like the leveling system. How can I repeatedly perform a task and not get any better at it?! Instead I have to assign points to skills given upon leveling up.


    It would be a waste, but technically I could max out my Explosives skill yet never set or disarm a mine during my entire game. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Maybe I was too fond of the Oblivion setup.


    The story isn't as involving as Oblivion either, and the scope for your character doesn't seem as diverse. It is very easy to miss out on a lot of quests too unless you make a point of talking to a lot of NPCs.


    Still the most annoying thing is the massive detours needed to get through cities, with the invisible walls and the masses of rubble. Instead you are forced to pace through subway tunnels to pop up where you want to get to. What was wrong with allowing direct over land travel and subway routes?! It's not like people wouldn't have explored the subways anyway.


    I don't know about a time, but I've been playing it, finished the story quest for the first time recently. I think the story is rather good, and am VERY glad they got rid of the terrible levelling system they had in Oblivion. On one hand, yeah, it does seem a bit odd that you get better at things without actually performing the action, but what this led to in Oblivion was weird training sessions where you'd sit there and let something attack you and then repair your armor and repeat the process, or selling arrows to merchants ONE AT A TIME (WTF IS THAT crap?!). And if you didn't, your stats would be flocked and you'd be screwed over by enemies that level better than you. I never finished Oblivion.


    Convenience Rubble is a bit annoying, though, I agree. I wouldn't knock off points for it, but I can't say it never bothered me.

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