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  1. thanks for the 1.11a update +T+. My controls are working perfect now. I didn't have any luck with the original 1.11. I have a question about the aspect ration for some of the games though. I have a 4:3 TV and have the screen adjusted to fill the display. Most games look fine but many are vertically stretched when run at a 4:3 aspect ratio. Does FBA have some sort of aspect ratio enforcement? I don't see any in the options menu. Is there part of the fbaxxx.ini that could be edited to enable this?
  2. Oh. I didn't know that black and white where swapped in previous builds. I have never had anything mapped to those button. All my 6 button Street Fighter type games have button 5 (forward kick) mapped to "A" and button 6 (roundhouse kick) to "B". In the lasted build button 5 is roundhouse kick and button 6 is forward kick. Look at the diagram below. The game button mapping was fine the bug must have been in the controller mapping. previous builds button 1 = jab button 2 = strong button 3 = fierce button 4 = short button 5 = forward button 6 = roundhouse v1.10 button 1 = jab button 2 = strong button 3 = fierce button 4 = short button 5 = roundhouse button 6 = forward
  3. I believe that button 5 and 6 in the cps1/2 controls have been swapped in the latest build. Is this intentional or a bug? Can anyone confirm this?
  4. And a very big thanks from me to all involved with FBA-XXX Pro. With these new releases I was finally willing to update my roms (thanks Thraxen), replace my previous version (31/5/2004), and delete Kawa-X for good. With that said, there is one bug that I have noticed on ever version of FBA-XXX I've tried since 31/5/2004 involving the shortcut keys. I'm unable to permanently disable them for player 1. I'll go into the controller configuration and disable these shortcut keys for players 1-4, reboot and find it enabled for player 1 again when I relaunch FBA-XXX. This will stay enabled even though the following line in my fbaxxx.ini states otherwise. bGamepadShortcutsAllowed[0] 0
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