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  1. Hi,I downloaded FBAXXX PRO so I can paly all my neogeo games in one emulator,but I have som problems. For example,I rebuild my roms with CLRMAME with the new DAT file.I also rebuild the neogeo.zip file, but some roms don't work. For example, in the old version of FBA XXX I had cthd2k3n.zip (chrouching tiger hidden dragon): I try it in the new version but it doens't work,so I rebuild it but clrmame has created another rom (i don't remember it) but it doens't work I also would have king of fighters boss edition,but I don't find it In retroroms site,there are FBA and MAME roms.I download some roms from MAME romset (v 0.103 or 0.104) but I don't find chrouching tiger hidden dragon or King of fighters boss edition (and they are supported from FBA XXX PRO!!!!) Also snk vs capcom chaos doesn't work... Please,can anyone help me,also with PM? Another problem: I save screenshot (in raw or filtered way,I try both,I don't know the difference..) but I don't see the picture in the black screen in the rom list of the emulator.Why? Thank you very much
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