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  1. Good to know Thank you. By the way: is it possible to implement the backspace-button in the TCP-test, because without it it is nearly impossible to write a mail or even a correct http-request
  2. No, i mean also with a static IP. My router tells me, that the DS is connected but has no IP. (P.s.: Seems, that you are getting faster with every release )
  3. AWESOME! Great work sgstair. I hope, that you have the time to finish the new lib this weekend, because next week I am at the University again and there are so many access points Just one question: Is it normal that the current test library don't get an IP address associated?
  4. Yes, thats cool, I have tested it, it worked the first time for me (the original lib didnt even work for me, when i disabled WEP). And as an addition: WEP 128 works now, too (as of 20.02.2006). There was an error in the documentation. I hope, pepsiman helps you to add these changes into the original library, so I can continue developing with your lib
  5. I want to thank sgstair, too! Thats a great present! Merry Christmas!
  6. I have a suggestion: why not let the user choose an access point and let him try to send a mail if it has acces to the internet So you can combine the wardriving and the keyboard test and the smtp protocol is not too hard to implement.
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