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  1. ill get either us or euro whenever possible but if its a real new game that i want then ill get the jap one and not read what it says
  2. is there an english version of the two pokemon games yet if so can someone give me a link to get them thanks if you can help
  3. mmmmmm all that talking about chocolate has made me hungry i gettin some more chocolate to eat
  4. good same to everyone else make the most of the day cos it only comes once a year!!!!!!
  5. chrono trigger, secret of mana, secret of evermore and earthbound those 4 games got me hooked
  6. Can someone send me a Ps1 emulator that i wont have to change any video settings for because i cant find any that work properly
  7. I really have to agree with the curr. This is a link to where you get rpg roms -Link removed Read board rules- from there click gba roms or snes or whatever and download them. You Have to go to -Link removed Read board rules- to get the password and user its on the homepage just look around for it. Amardu used to gba roms as well as snes etc but the gba have just dissapeared recently
  8. Sorry id like to help but i honestly have no idea i didnt even think the rom was anywhere near out yet
  9. can someone give me a direct link as to where i can get lord of the rings return of the king gba rom please Thanks
  10. i found the best rom site its www.amardu.com its in another language but its really good the bits that are in english just follow them and you'll be able to find the roms
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