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  1. Q: Where can I get the missing files "dc_bios.bin" + "dc_flash.bin" A: My website: http://www.google.com.
  2. THEY can't/won't help you. I can. You need the files "dc_bios.bin" + "dc_flash.bin" Q Where can I download them? A My website: (made only for this purpose) http://www.google.com Once you have extraced the files - just place them in the chankast folder with the other files and voila. Why am I the only person to have answered this properly?
  3. The ONLY point in this dreamcast forum as far as im concerned is to solve problems like this one. Now the no.1 problem anyone will have downloading chankast is the fact that the bios is missing and very hard to find elsewhere. If you cannot help resolve this issue + you know how to you are just a flocking waste of space and need not reply. When i eventually get this bios from someone more useful than yourself i will personally post the URL in this forum and i will if necessary host it myself. flock you very much
  4. The mannual states "you'll need to download the BIOS for the dreamcast as well. As that one is under copyright by Sega, we can't provide you with a link here, but Google is your friend when you're looking for it " Only google provides only links to forums like this one, where the question is still unanswered. Now what i require is a web url where i can directly download the file dc_bios.bin Is that so flocking difficult?? I find the make a donation quite laughable considering an emulator without a bios is faulty/inoperable/incomplete. If i find an address where this file can be downloaded i would immediately post it just to put other newbies out of their misery, regardless of any copyright laws.
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