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  1. Perhaps then, my motives are simply being petty, because I spent 6 hours making an awesome skin for the XML version of FBAXXX and I'd hate to lose it when I switch back to the INI version.
  2. The thing is, I'm GUESSING that I AM doing this right, and that romcenter WOULD try to repair my romsets and prepare them in accordance with the fbaxxx pro dat, if it had the correct rom component files to splice from... I probably just don't have what it wants to work from. It's looking for rom bits that are not present anywhere on my system -- and why would they need to be? It's worked fine till now! If the choice is between either using an older version of FBAXXX from BAED3 that WORKS with my roms, or attempting to blindly collect multiple copies of a few roms until it assembles the bits the new FBAXXX wants....I might just stick with the antique.
  3. I'm having this exact same issue. I'm fairly new to this stuff, and even though I've read the docs and have a reasonably good idea what romcenter is supposed to be doing with the FBAXXX pro DAT, it doesn't seem to be doing it. Fix doesn't seem to want to actually fix anything. The BAED3b disc, copied to my Xbox HDD, works great by itself - but I tried upgrading to FBAXXX 8-26, then I tried applying 'Patch 2' to make it act as an 8-02 Pro build. After I installed it on my Xbox and copied my roms over, I discovered that it doesn't like some of the very same roms it previously played without incident. I'm watching this thread with baited breath.
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