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  1. Ok I just have to jump in because the Sega CD isn't getting the love it deserves. For one no one mentioned Lunar 1 or 2. One of the best classic 16-bit RPG series, while not as good as the PSX remakes they are worth playing for the fact the originals were darker and less anime-cutsey. Final Fight CD, one of the rare examples where the console port is BETTER than the arcade. And unlike that crappy SNES port, it has 2-players, all 3 characters, better graphics, and a rockin' soundtrack. Eternal Champions, Challenge from the Dark Side. It is an enhancement of the Genesis game, but while Capcom was milking Street Fighter 2 with all their subtle editions, Sega went all out and added over 10 new fighters, tons of new backgrounds, cinematic kills, and if anything it is worth playing to get a glimpse of early 90s CG animation cutscenes when the technology was still rather new. There is also Earthworm Jim Special Edition, again more extras making it superior to the carts. Ecco the Dolphin CD, one of the best soundtracks done for the system, Spencer Nilsen at his best. Amazing Spiderman v.s the Kingpin, the Genesis game only bigger and badder Secret of Monkey Island, a LucasArts classic, great if you never owned a PC The Adventures of Willy Beamish, if you love the Goonies or any of those 1980s kid adventure movies, you'll love this one Also, don't be afraid of something just because of FMV. I consider Sewer Shark a classic, full of campy humor, and a decent shooter to boot. It is funny how some people will praise static image shooters like Lethal Enforcers yet diss on others because they were FMV. Finally I disagree with the philosophy the system was a "bad idea". For me it was my first CD player, I still remember as a kid my dad showing me how to hold and take care of my CDs, it was a good stepping stone towards becoming a responsible adult who took care of your things when before I just shoved my cartridges in a drawer and left them lying on the floor.
  2. Well now that we have shrinking fighters and Shang Tsung morphing, what next, air moves like the old Street Fighter 2 hacks? But anyway thanks to + T +, now all my rom sets actually work again!
  3. These KOF 2002 hacks are getting ridiculous. Unless they can figure out a way to stick Akuma or something into them who cares really?
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