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  1. Oh, thanks, i thought this was to fix some kind of bug running it caused by its parent and not exiting from it cheers!
  2. Hi, GogoAckman , could you also post the code to fix the hang when exiting to menu from kof2k3? Thanks.
  3. Yeah, my hopes goes for this too, in + T + we trust this new VMM is really interesting. Thanks for that prican25, nice detail PS: + T +, you've got a pm (4 days old) about some updates i can do.
  4. And finally i must say music "skips" in games has been reduced to the max with the new VMM optimizations, great work by gogoackman but if you have a 128 MB xbox don't use this version, all "big" romsets won't load... some nasty bug, but surely will be corrected soon. PS: i noted you copied the changelog from xbox-scene... and... Why did xbox-scene removed my name from the changelog?... crappy b**tards
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