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  1. I solved the issue. It turns out, when you run the lone freshly unpacked .exe for the first time it creates his folders, cfgs and stuff, hbmame.ini in the ini folder too. However, I don't know why, but in the default freshly created hbmame.ini there is a line: ini folder . which means, that the emulator is looking for hbmame.ini in the main dir where is the .exe, while hbmame.ini is in the ini folder, making my (or any) changes in hbmame.ini irrelevant. So if I move hbmame.ini right next to the emulator .exe in the main dir, or keep it in the ini folder but change the line to: ini folder ini everything start to work magically 🙂. I don't know if this "issue" (creating a default cfg, that do not point to itself 🤣) exist in the original x64 build, or in mame/ui, mess/ui, arcade etc. Didn't test them yet. Thanks anyway! Keep up the good work 👍!
  2. I can't pass the 'hit any key to continue' screen in HBMAMEUI 0.243 32bit on Win XP. # # OSD INPUT OPTIONS # keyboardprovider dinput or keyboardprovider win32 (or any of the other choices) don't work. Any ideas StHiryu?
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